Best Archery Release – Ultimate Guide and Reviews

Archery is an interesting skill every second person wishes to learn. But, learning archery can be difficult, time taking and you need a lot of patience. However, because of the invention of bow releases, archery has never been easy.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, using bow releases will ensure accurate and clean shots every time. A releasing aid is a device used to pull back a bowstring smoothly and to release the arrow accurately. Using a bow release minimizes the effects of any human errors while shooting.

Design and types of bow release

Bow releases are designed to reduce the amount of torque or rotational movement of a bowstring while shooting. The torque of a bowstring is the factor that determines the precision and consistency of the shoot. This device pulls the bowstring for you and releases the arrow with the desired pressure to give clean shots every time. It also relieves your muscles from the pain that comes with pulling the bowstring back and forth.
Depending on the features and use of the releases, there are many types of bow releases.

Wrist bow release

Wrist bow release is easy to use and is a great choice for beginners. The release is strapped around your wrist, and you can use the index finger to pull the trigger. This release is reliable and accurate, but there can be some variability every time you shoot. This is because the release may not be on the same spot of the wrist all the time.
It is generally preferred during hunting though because it enables you to keep your hands free to handle other things. It is also a better option during hunting because most hunters use high-poundage bows, so it is easier to draw the string with a wrist release.

Hand-held bow releases

Hand-held bow releases are gaining popularity because of their precision and consistency. It is commonly used by competition shooters and other professionals. Since you need to use your hands with these bow releases, it enables you to shoot smoothly without variations. The types of hand-held releases are:

Thumb release

Thumb release is known for its design that allows the fingers to sit on the indentations comfortably while the thumb is used to pull the trigger. This release has a wholly natural feel to it, which makes it very comfortable to be used by anyone. This will give you an extra edge over wrist bow release shooters.

Hinge release

This is by far the most popular release used by experts and professionals. This is because this release gives you the flexibility to control the release and fine-tune your shooting skills according to your style. It is the toughest to use and requires a lot of practice and training to use it perfectly. It is considered to be the best release once you have mastered it.

Guide on choosing the best archery release

Now that you know the different types of bow releases available today, let us look at the certain characteristics you should consider before choosing the best bow release.

Your level of expertise

It is crucial that you first consider the level of skills you are at before choosing a bow release for yourself. As mentioned above, if you are just starting to know how the game works and is a beginner, it is best for you to opt for a wrist bow release. It is simple and easy to use, along with giving you almost accurate shots.

However, in case you are a tournament shooter or a professional, it is best to choose a hand-held release. Both thumb and hinge releases are great for those looking for a challenging and 100% precise shots.

Intended purpose

The purpose behind the use of the bow release should also be considered. In case you wish to use them for hunting trips, it is better to go for a wrist release since they can remain strapped on your wrist the whole time while your hands are free to do other things.

If you wish to use them for competitions, then a hand-held release will work best.

Release features

There are many release features that differ according to the type of release. You can check out the advantages of the various features and choose the best release according to your needs. There are features such as single and dual calipers that help in holding the bowstring and release it. There are trigger adjustability options available in all bow releases. This option allows you to decide on how far you wish to pull the trigger before shooting. Likewise, there are many other release features to check and compare.

Bow release reviews

There are multiple bow releases available in the market, each with its own characteristics and specialties. Given below are reviews of 5 best archery release products you can find on Amazon. Each has been specifically tested and chosen for its outstanding characteristics.

TruFire Patriot Archery- Compound Bow Release

TruFire Patriot Archery- Compound Bow Release

TruFire is a brand known to design and create one of the finest bow releases in the industry. Manufactured in the USA, this brand exudes craftsmanship and durability. The patriot by TruFire is the best wrist release available today. It is a great pick for beginners because of its simplicity and accuracy. It comes with velcro belts to fasten around your wrist for a comfortable fit.

This bow release is highly durable since the same material is used for the internal firing mechanism. This saves the product from premature wear down that may occur when different metals are used together in the firing mechanism.

The most exciting part about this product is that it comes at a very affordable price.

– It comes with a highly durable steel trigger that assures smooth and precise shots consistently.
– The trigger head of this release rotate a full 360 degrees making it suitable for both left and right-handed shooters.
– The trigger comes with adjustability settings that allow you to adjust the trigger travel before shooting.
– The strap is made up of padded nylon, which makes it comfortable for the shooter during release.
– This product even comes in a junior size for children and teenagers.
– The velcro strap may not give the same tightness around the wrist every time.
– The velcro could wear down over time.
– There is no buckle or pin for extra grip.

SCOTT Little Goose Release

SCOTT Little Goose Release

A well-known competitor of TruFire is SCOTT because of its high quality and great shootings. Little goose is a wrist release that is very popular among hunters because of its ease of use and accuracy. This product comes with an in-line single-caliper (patent-pending) system, which works great while drawing the bow strings.

This product is also great for those with smaller hands. The strap fastens well on the wrist to give you a good grip while shooting. It is one of the most dependable products in the market, and it comes at an affordable price.

– The little goose features a four-hole length adjustment to give you the desired grip on your wrist.
– It has a solid swiveling head that reduces the torque of the bowstring while shooting.
– The forward positioned trigger gives enough draw length, and the trigger comes with adjustable options according to your preference.
– The angled jaw-line design ensures good string clearance.
– The release is made of authentic leather, thus maximizing its durability and comfort level.
– SCOTT ensures its customers guarantee to repair or to replace the product due to any unsatisfactory reason..
– Shoots may not be very consistent since it is a wrist release.
– May not be suitable for larger hands.

SCOTT Shark Archery

SCOTT Shark Archery

This bow release is another Scott bestseller and very popular among archers who prefer using wrist releases. If you are on a lookout for archery that will feel comfortable as well as ensure accurate shots consistently, then this is the release for you. Its features such as the adjustable length, knurled trigger, double caliper make it a popular choice among shooters.
This product has passed all its tests over time and is still in high demand due to its performance. What makes it more desirable is it’s affordable pricing. You don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to have successful shooting experience.

– This release comes with a swivel connector that features a five-hole adjustment length. This works perfectly for accommodating a variety of archers.
– The trigger comes with a forward design which provides maximum length to draw the trigger and adjust your speed of the shot.
– The knurled trigger ensures excellent grip of the trigger minimizing slippage.
– The double caliper in this release ensures you the flexibility to fine-tune your skills.
– The release is made of authentic leather in attractive camouflage print.
– The trigger is very sensitive and may not be great for panic shooters.

TruFire Edge Camo Archery Bow-release

TruFire Edge Camo Archery Bow-release

The TruFire Edge 4 release is yet another amazingly durable and high-performance market available in the market. It is one of the best thumb release because of its design and the construct. This product is designed to enable you to take accurate and clean shots even from odd angles. This is especially preferred during hunting if you have to shoot the target by hiding behind the bushes or climbing trees.

– The sleek design and smooth finish of the aluminum handle and head make it a very comfortable feel on the hands.
– The 360 degrees rotation ability of the head ensures a torque free shooting.
– The trigger comes with adjustable options leaving enough room for customizing your aim.
– Thumb trigger is large and works well even with gloves on.
– The jaws of the release can be easily opened and closed by pulling the trigger back and forth.
– The four finger grip assures excellent grip of all the fingers during shooting.
– Can fall off the bowstring while moving around.

Hot Shot Vapour 4

Hot Shot Vapour 4

The Hot Vapour 4 bow release is yet again one of the best thumb release for those looking for extra precision through hand-held releases. This product was specially designed, keeping bowhunters in mind. Using this release assures you of total silence while shooting the arrow. This is a great feature when you have to hunt for prey with sensitive hearing. This zero sound feature of the product is especially preferred by most bowhunters. The hot vapour bow release comes in both three and four handle grip, and you can choose depending on your preference.

– The thumb barrel is fully adjustable, thus allowing you the flexibility to choose depending on the need of the situation.
– It has a smooth, and high quality finish making it feel comfortable in the hands of the shooter.
– The zero noise internal-actuating system is great during hunting.
– The automatic jaw closing features is a convenient feature, especially while hunting.
– The trigger has adjustable options, thus enabling you to customize your shooting skills.
– May need to tighten the adjustable trigger regularly.


To win or lose a game of archery will depend on how smart you are in choosing the best archery release that suits your skills and personality perfectly. Each and every type of bow release come with its exquisite characteristics and strengths that make it perfect for different shooting environments.
There are many features that you should consider before spending on one, such as its calipers, trigger type, durability, and so on. There are many upcoming bow releases that are better than the last. You need to keep a lookout on the latest updated features and accordingly use them. With the right gear, you experience successful hunting trips as well as win competitions and tournaments.

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