Best Lacrosse Attack Heads – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

What are sports without their equipment? Similarly, like many other sports, Lacrosse also includes handling a stick which consists of the head and the shaft. While purchasing a Lacrosse stick, it is essential for the person to understand and buy the right gear, particularly when selecting based on the stick’s head style. It is a record that the head is to be considered first because of its predominant role in the game, as it determines the:
• Quick and smooth picking up of the ball from the ground.
• Co-ordinate passing and accurate shooting of the ball.
• Effortlessly catching and sturdy retention of the ball in the pocket.
Choosing the right head is what makes a player attentive and skillful. However, finding and purchasing the right equipment is going to be a tedious process. Therefore to make it easy, we have tried and picked out for you the top five best Lacrosse attack head you can buy blindfolded.

Stringking Complete Attack Stick (Head and Shaft)

No detail is too small, and Stringking Complete Attack Stick is on the market to prove it. Not only are the components structured skillfully. Instead, they have also been subjected to test, scrutiny, attention, and correction, thereby making it an ideal purchase.

Most of the time, the fault found is in the stringing of the Lacrosse head, which makes it a reason, why most prefer buying an unstrung head with plans on getting it strung by a professional. There even have been cases where individuals gave up the sport because of the poor stringing quality. Thankfully, this issue has been taken care of by the Stringking Complete Attack Stick. The creators themselves agree that the pocket plays a significant role, hence have put in all their effort for greater innovation. The product showing off its quality stringing also ensures trust and guarantee.

On looking, the equipment has a broader head and a relatively narrow throat. These features are perfect for the attackers when against the middies and the defenders, as it boosts the force in which the ball will strike. Although, these attributes are also applicable for midfielders, hence making it even among the best lacrosse heads for middies. Adding on, it has the perfect balance of weight, resilience, and execution. Making sure the person can enjoy playing with ease.

If you’re looking for a complete Lacrosse stick for your child or for yourself who is a beginner, then you have come to the right place. Considered as the best lacrosse heads for beginners, the String King Complete Attack Stick boasts of a head which has a larger scooped head. This style helps the initial learners, to quickly learn and master the skill of picking up the ball from the ground, gradually to learn the other skills required of the game. Following which they will decide whether to be a defender, midfielder, attacker or goalie.

Also, if you’re new to the sport, it is best advised to begin with a complete version. As you develop, you can then use your experience and acquired knowledge in deciding whether to or not purchase the parts of the gear individually. Soon after buying the String King Complete Attack Stick, one will be ready to pass and catch without any adjustments or replacements. He/ She can play the sport right away. Although, the price may seem overloaded if it is quality and consistency you’re mining for then know that the game is still on.

Advancaed Stringing
Constricted throat and wider head
Beginner friendly
Each part carefully evaluated and structured

With the Stringking Complete Attack Stick in hand, one’s learning sessions are not only going to be less time consuming but also productive. It is going to bring much convenience in the game, and visible development in the player, a highly recommended product for the enthusiastic player in you.

Powell Lacrosse Switchback Complete Stick (Head and Shaft)

The Powell Switchback Lacrosse head stands out as it initiates the lacrosse heads to be hand strung by professionals who know the techniques like the back of their hand. Making it one of the best lacrosse heads for middies and attackers. Adding another feather to the cap, major league players prefer pioneer heads as it provides augmented performance and delivers maximum potential, no wonder we got envious.
The stick is made from and fabricated using the premium 7U1 alloy, which in comparison to the standard Aluminum 7075, is much lighter yet surprisingly stronger as this stick can survive many tough games. Constructed durable, it also comes with a ball stop and an end cap. The “ball stop” like the name denotes, stops the ball from damaging the head.

However, even the NCAA doesn’t demand it much, as its significance has lowered comparatively. The end caps, on the other hand, serve to provide the player an additional grip on the shaft.

The head of the stick is firmly attached to the shaft, avoiding any inconsistency. This reliability in the design of the head and the shaft gives the player an upper hand, as it also helps in navigation and trouble-free game. This stick is ideal for beginners because of its light weight (15.8 ounces), enabling the first-timers to have a convenient learning process.

The product also features a customizable pocket for the lacrosse head. Thereby, it maintains not only among the best lacrosse attack heads but also ideal for the goalies. Although for a goalie, there might be other features of the head and shaft that will need few alterations. The strings used in designing the pockets are made from high-quality plastic, which ensures long-lasting performance.

Like the rainbow, Powell’s Switchback stick comes with a range of seven colors. The designer colors will not be an issue since the NFHS & NCAA illegalizes only the ones that can be deceptive. An overused instance for such a case is the painting of a white circle on a black mesh, tricking the opponent into assuming that there is a ball.

Pioneer head, strung by professionals
Quality strings
Beginner friendly
Made from premium 7U1 alloy
Unyielding attachment of the head and shaft
Uncomfortable for defenders

As mentioned earlier, the Powell Switchback Lacrosse head is suitable for those who are looking to attack or serve midfield. It facilitates the player with a pioneer head, various color options, head and shaft stability, customizable pockets for individual preference, and professional stringing and strings. The player can quickly indulge in a fun or a serious challenging lacrosse game when wielding a Powell’s Switchback stick. It is easily a recommendation among the best lacrosse heads.

Stringking Mark 1 Unstrung Lacrosse Head

Stringking Mark 1 Unstrung Lacrosse Head

The game is coming up, and it is in the player’s best interest to get the super nimbus of a lacrosse head and surprise there is a budget. Well, look no further, for we’ve got it all covered. The Stringking Mark 1 Lacrosse Head has been technically and amazingly put together, through a culmination of a lot of research and development. All so that it could provide you its excellent custom engineered work with a price that may not let you go fishing out the extra bucks.

This head has got the ultimate rigid design of the finest and the most reliable construction. With its exclusive materials and construction, it can fend off the head from flexing on passing and shooting while enhancing your speed, accuracy, and consistency with the ball. If you’re on the offender list, then this head is going to be your best bud on the field. It’s got a relatively wide face shape which of course makes it easier for the player to catch passes while still being narrow enough to carry the ball.

The full flat scoop design with the perfect curve and the point on each side helps it to move with the ground while scooping for the ground ball from all angles, one that is in a high recommendation for the defenders and the offenders. This head is great for you at any positions and for any age range players.

Being the ultimatum of mesh designs, this head is pocket driven. The bottom and the side rails of the head have very even curves and offset, which allows the pocket to be placed anywhere from mid-low to mid-high, achieving you a consistent pocket. So, it’s going to be a similarly shaped pocket no matter where you put it in the head. With the six well sized top string holes, 19 sidewall holes without any size difference and the four bottom string holes that are big enough for leathers, customizing what works for you will become easy.

The simple functionality driven design of this head creates a lightweight, rigid, and durable head, especially with a lot of plastic on the throat, it assures no cracks or durability issues there. The cut-outs on all the four sides help reduce weight with only one screw hole. The three-strut design going through the head neat and evenly guarantees a lot of strength and durability structured throughout the sidewall. Its design materials overall are set correctly for any different temperatures, hot or cold; you can bet on it.

High performing with super functionality
Financially friendly with the best technological upgrades
Lightweight and very durable
The pockets are customizable by preference
Any age range player can use it
It may be too rigid and too wide for face-offs.

The elites have highly recommended the Stringking Mark 1 series for their high-performance skill and its durability. The Mark 1 head has notched the top on an advanced upgrade at fractional prices. It is, indeed a very high-end offering. The overall performance of the head is superb and up to its advancements in terms of smooth movements, real functional purposes, strength, and consistency. The new technologies featured are an absolute bliss. It is no doubt a high recommend for players that are primarily looking out for easy ground balls, preferences to one’s pocket designs and in sustaining for much more extended periods through extreme temperatures.

Warrior Evo 3 PP Strung Lacrosse Head

Warrior Evo 3 PP Strung Lacrosse Head

Whether it’s defending or being an offensive player, warrior heads are designed to empower the players to own the field, serve out accurate feeds, defend the passes and scoop that ball effortlessly off the grass with their newer improved designs. They are held to dominate the game, and this can mean differently to each player. If you are the high school or college offensive player who wishes to delight a goal in style, well then why don’t we get to the bottom of the warrior?

This head is a pure classic when one talks about the superior ball control and wide face ball for better ball reception capabilities. It will help you to get that catching easier and also combined with the middle of pocket design, and you really shouldn’t have any problems with holding on to the ball or ball control.

The slim scoop design of the warrior heads will cut out a lot of plastic off the scoop and with that thinner scoop you can shell into the pocket the ground ball a little faster; hopefully, that does contain your expectations.

Scoring that feed into the net or dishing out smooth passes, the player is going to need a head that is offensive, forceful and of superb cradling pocket. With that in mind, warrior heads are now equipped with the patented TruOffset technology that has a lower pocket in the head aiding you to give a more power shot with quick releases.

Better ball control
Faster ground ball control
Lower pocket for quick releases
Not recommended for the occasional face-offs due to the 2-shot side wall design that may be prone to get warped.

The Evo 3 PP did outdo its former series by introducing the TruOffset technology. It has got much greater control of the ball with quicker releases by the lower pockets with the mid-high pocket design. A definite recommend of the Warrior Evo 3 PP heads to offensive players for its excellent ball control and its brilliant scoop design that has all the right junk in all the right places.

STX Lacrosse Stallion 700 Unstrung Head

STX Lacrosse Stallion 700 Unstrung Head

If you enjoyed the feel of the Stallion U 550 head, then brace yourself to tighten that grip for the newest and more advanced head in the stallion market. For the ones out there obsessing about the superiority and the compatibility of the scooping feature, this head would make anyone go gaga with its new speed scoop feature. Lighter and cheaper than its predecessor it does not compromise on the performance but gives each player the sheer pleasantries of aesthetic design creation that is inspired from the McLaren P1 car and of course of even higher-end quality.

The head first off comes clean with NCCA and HS legality. Diving into the face shape it is quite a say that, it has the neat stability which pretty much should be in the midfielder head. It makes a pretty smooth catch and keeps the ball in the pocket very well. It also comes with a four-count offset pocket so as to have a higher pocket, and when this is in combination with the high mid-pocket, it’s a ball mine mate.

The most exciting highlight of this head being the speed scoop feature is that it allows the player to scoop ground balls easy-breezy from challenging angles. It features a carved design at the back side of the scoop to shield off abrasion on the top string. The newly designed throat is much stronger than the last model and shaped ergonomically. The double screw is still retained on the head purposively to rule out the wobbling, one that may especially hinder you on the clear feeds.

The C-channel technology on the sidewall rail distributes the stress throughout the sidewall line, which makes them lighter and be is a surprise to notice the extra strength and stability that lingers from the muscles to the shots and offenses. One shouldn’t be that surprised by its reliability considering that it is after all their legendary two-sidewall brace design that truly makes it easier for the player to dominate when shooting on ground balls.

The 14 sidewall holes down the head are quite big enough for multiple strings to go through and the four well sized with adequate spaced bottom holes are made so for the smooth entry of the leathers. Although the six top strings are reasonably sized for the leathers to seep in, the center two are spaced quite apart so if you should so desire for a perfectly centered nine diamond top string; then it may turn out to be a bit time-consuming.

Faster scoop feature
Reduced weight, more strength and stability through the advanced technology incorporated
Cheaper than its predecessor without compromising on performance
Prevents head wobbling
Not prone to hourglassing
Easy to string

The stallion 700 has been by far the best head in the line-up. And it is created to meet the needs of mostly the 2-way middies, but it has also been efficiently catered to be in usage on a long pole. It is a wise taste for the attackers that eye for higher pockets and prefer shooting from the outside. I do recommend it for the midfielders, attackers and LSM positions. The head is a good basis for the high school, advance youth, and collegiate skill level.

On the side of the advanced technology used in this head, it has not only seen adoption in the quality or performance of the head alone. But dare it be in a statement that everything’s put in such a way to let the players dominate the field with more strength, agility, and confidence. Stallion 700 has been at par excellence in technical development strategies and is sure here to stay.


If one has been playing Lacrosse for quite a while, he/ she would understand that purchasing any lacrosse stick must be taken seriously as they have various designs for specific purposes. Each point gained or lost in the game is dependent on the quality and features of the stick used by each player.

Earlier it was mentioned that Lacrosse was like every other sport. It is right in a way. However, it possesses a character unlike any other, for in this game, you get to choose your gear. It is quite rare to see a player take the decision. But a wonder, to know and decide for yourself on how you would like your lacrosse head to be so that you get the best out of it and from within yourself too. It’s a pity if you do not take this charm of creating your power on the field. It is in your grasp to decide how you want your head to look like and function. Customize it to your own joy, mesh those strings just the way you like it and, get things worked up on newer technologies. Choose how strong, stable, and powerful you would like your head to be, decide the way you want to cradle, and so on.

Spread out for you are the top 5 picks in the category of the best lacrosse heads, specially designed for attackers. Take time and analyze each product. Study it until you identify the right one. If none is to your liking, then don’t quit. The sky is the limit, and always keep in mind that the sport isn’t complete without the right equipment.

The game rests with your choices and wise investing. It isn’t rocket science, to be the best you need the best. So, let your trained hand and muscles react to the performances of the head, combining both as one entity. Also, don’t just look around to buy your gears; instead explore it so that you know them like your own. Then, feel it, grab it, and own it. You ultimately decide your game.

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