Best Lacrosse Cleats – Complete Buyers Guide and Reviews

You can say what you want about the game of Lacrosse – grown men/women carrying sticks, running around the field and trying to swing the ball into the goal. Basically, it’s like the combination of 3-4 different types of sports events all squeezed into one single game. However, you cannot take away the unique gameplay of the sport. Like every kind of outdoor sports, Lacrosse also demands high athletic capability from the players. It’s not as simple as carrying the ball in some weird looking sticks (no pun intended!) and passing that around the field.

However, in addition to all the physical and athletic requirements the game demands, one of the most crucial aspects is acquiring the proper in-game equipment. The safety aspect of the game is crucial as well as the pace of the game. In fact, Lacrosse is considered to be one of the fastest games along with the likes of ice hockey and basketball. This is precisely why a comfortable and a stable Lacrosse cleat play a relevant role in enhancing the in-game experience.

A good Lacrosse cleat should be comfortable, provide optimal foot support, maximize stability, excellent traction capability, and of course lightweight, so you don’t feel like you’re dragging a solid pile of rock during the entire game. There are also different types of Lacrosse shoes targeted for a different audience such as Women Lacrosse shoes, and Youth Lacrosse shoes as well. So, you can always find the best pair, irrespective of your gender or age as well.

Based on all the vital aspects of the cleats, here are 5 of the best lacrosse cleats presently available for purchase on Amazon.

ASICS Men’s GEL-provost Mid Lacrosse Cleat

ASICS Men’s GEL-provost Mid Lacrosse Cleat

The first product in the list is the ASICS men’s GEL-provost cleat. Now, unless you have been living under a rock or a newbie to the athletic shoe manufacturing market, the name ASICS itself screams of quality and confidence. The brand is one of the leading manufacturers of athletic shoes; and so, it is of no surprise that the GEL-provost finds its place in the list.

In terms of design, the cleat has a mid-top construction, which obviously is a subjective choice for different people. However, even with the mid-top design, the cleat offers excellent ankle support even during those hard cuts. Of course, you make some compromises with the lightweight aspect with the mid-top design, but, the overall weight of the cleat only weighs about 13 ounces, which is only about 0.37 kg.

The build quality of the cleat is quite convincing as well. The synthetic leather promotes good excellent comfort and provides superior support and durability as well. The excellent sole construction and the implementation of the rearfoot gel cushioning technology with the DuoMax sole material leaves too little to complain about in terms of raw comfort. In brief, the cleat is ideal for a complete day running with a negligible hint of a sore foot.

One of the unique features of the GEL-Provost cleat is the removable insole option. You can replace the genuine sole of the cleat with other external soles such as orthotics insole to enhance its moisture-absorbing capacity. This allows the sole to stay dry throughout the entire game duration and also helps your foot stay dry and cool to maintain optimal foot stability and of course, keep the “aroma” at bay as well.

Excellent stability
Superior sole material
Excellent traction
Lightweight and good ankle support
Inaccurate size fittings
The color (white) wears quickly.


The ASICS GEL-Provost definitely scores a good recommendation value in the list. It ticks the boxes in all the right places and provides features that you would generally expect from a top-tier lacrosse cleat. The design and the material are hands down the highlight of the product, promoting excellent sole and ankle support and also the overall build material is convincingly durable as well.

The cleat is also significantly lightweight, making it one of the best youth lacrosse cleats available in the market at present. Ultimately, the cleat provides the ideal traction support to enhance the sporting experience to the optimal level as well.

Under Armour Men’s Banshee Mid MC Lacrosse Shoe

Under Armour Men’s Banshee Mid MC Lacrosse Shoe

The second product in the list comes from another well-known athletic shoe manufacturer-Under Armour. The Banshee line of Cleats from Under Armour is considered to be one of the market-leading shoes in terms of comfort, traction, durability, lightweight. The price may be upsetting to many, but, for a quality cleat, you always have to be little flexible with your pocket size.

The design of the cleat in terms of physical appearance alone is a subjective analysis. However, the cleat does come in a plethora of color options for buyers to find their perfect match, so, it shouldn’t be a problem finding the right pair. The cleat also features a fully knit upper design for ensuring maximum comfort and promoting a snug-like feel for your feet to ensure the best stability even for those long games. The neoprene ankle support design is efficient in executing precisely what it is supposed to do – promote optimal support and comfort for your ankles.

In terms of its lightweight feature, the cleat only weighs about 13 ounces or 0.37kg, which is respectably light as compared to other cleats in the same category.

In terms of the build quality, the UA Banshee Mid MC Lacrosse has a smart synthetic finish that plays a significant role in covering up the toe box and promoting optimal durability as well. Even the tongue of the shoe is innovatively engineered by implementing a mesh material to encourage maximum air circulation during the games. This ventilation design helps in keeping your feet dry for a good part of the game and helps it maintain optimal stability.

The sole material of the UA mid-MC Lacrosse cleat is one of its key highlights. The 4D foam insole footbed provides excellent cushioning for your feet for superior comfort throughout the game. The TPU support cage sole design of the cleat is made for providing optimal agility and offers excellent traction capability as well.

Excceptional comfort and cushioning
Good traction
Various design and color options
Excellent build quality and durable.
A bit pricey.


At its price point, the UA Banshee Mid MC Lacrosse cleat may not be the most logical option, but, if you consider all its positive feature characteristics, the shoe is certainly worth some extra few bucks. The cleat has one of the best cushioning and traction-capable features to enhance your gameplay experience. So, if you don’t mind digging a little deeper inside your pocket, the Under Armour Banshee is one of the best Lacrosse cleats you can buy.

Under Armour Banshee Mid MC Lacrosse Cleat

Under Armour Banshee Mid MC Lacrosse Cleat

This is again another great product from Under Armour, delivering precisely what it is meant for without any shenanigans. Just in case, this Lacrosse Cleat from UA is different from the one mentioned previously. You can think of this cleat as the smaller brother of the former UA cleat mentioned in the list. Even though it is a rather older version of the newer UA Banshee cleat available at present, it still ticks off all the right boxes to make its way into the list.

The design element of the cleat is simple, and the same thing can be applied to all the other aspects of the cleat as well. But, if simplicity works, why would you want anything other than that, right? In fact, it’s simple and basic design makes it a stand out from all the other brand treating their cleats like an art gallery (and not in a good way!). The cleat is available in three different color options as well.

The construction and the build material of the UA Banshee Lacrosse cleat do not disappoint in any sense. You may think it would be a huge step down from the more advanced and recent line of Banshee cleats, but it is not so. In fact, there is a drastic difference between the two cleats. The cleat implements the smart-engineered synthetic material that ensures a near ideal foot wrapping mechanism to promote superior foot comfort even during those long games.

In addition to that, the collar of the shoe has excellent cushioning support to enhance the running aspect of the game. The Under Armour shoes utilizes an efficient fitting technique they like to call the Form-Fitting compfit to ensure the highest quality of foot comfort and aid in boosting the running capacity of the athlete, and that is exactly what this cleat provides.

The sole (insole and outsole) quality of the cleat is also one of its intriguing features. The insole composes of the 4D molded foam sock liner that works exceptionally well in absorbing the majority of the foot pressure while running, hence, providing excellent running comfort for your feet. The outsole construction, on the other hand, is constructed with a durable TPU material along with the bladed heel design to promote optimum traction and stability for executing those quick turns with ease. On top of all that, the cleat comes with a pre-packaged with a matching pair of socks, which is an alien feature in the majority of other Lacrosse cleat products.

Excellent traction support
Good stability
Excellent sole material
Comes with a matching sock
Not the most durable cleat.


The Under Armour Banshee Mid MC is an ideal choice for all the Lacrosse enthusiasts looking for optimum comfort and excellent traction support. Apart from its design, nothing about the UA Banshee cleat can be categorized under the “simplicity” banner. Everything from its excellent support to its stability is sophisticated. But, the good is that all that sophistication actually delivers practically in terms of promoting a superior and enhanced in-game experience.

Nike Men’s Huarache 6 Varsity Lacrosse Cleat

Nike Men’s Huarache 6 Varsity Lacrosse Cleat

How can one list out the best Lacrosse cleat or just any other athletic footwear without mentioning one of the top-tier and probably one of the best sports shoe manufacturers? The name Nike, in itself, demands conviction and has quality written all over it. The Huarache 6 Varsity is no exception to the quality of shoes from the giant manufacturer, and of course, it is also one of the most popular choices for many professionals as well.

In case, you have been wondering where you can find the premium Lacrosse Cleat, the Nike Men’s Huarache is your ultimate stop. The Huarache 6 Varsity is designed for delivering maximum comfort, support, and traction, and deliver it does! The cleat build quality of the cleat is solid, as one would expect from a top-tier brand, and of course, the durability factor is also a massive step-up from its counterpart products. The more intriguing specification of the Nike Huarache 6 Varsity is its lightweight aspect, mainly attributed to its unique upper part construction consisting of textiles and synthetic material construction.

The mesh vamp and tongue design of the cleat also plays its significant role in promoting maximum feet ventilation to encourage a good amount of air circulation. In fact, Nike may be one of the only brands where the mesh design actually makes sense, rather than just a gimmick feature.

The Huarache 6 Varsity has one of the best insoles cushioning to promote optimal comfort and stability even for those long hours of running. The excellent cushioning is capable of eliminating almost any magnitude of impact that your heel is likely to undergo during the entire game. The support system is also exceptional as well, keeping your feet stable throughout the game without any question of wobble incidents.

Excellent lightweight
Superior build quality
Good support system
Excellent cushioning
Ideal for optimal traction
Price tag.


The Nike Huarache 6 is basically the ideal Lacrosse Cleat, and you would want to eventually possess and use it on regular usage. However, with the branding of Nike, you would have to spend some extra green paper (ish) that you would otherwise not bother to spend on other cleats. But, besides its generous price tag, the cleat delivers everything you would expect from a premium lacrosse cleat. So, if you want the ultimate experience, the Nike Huarache 6 should be on your wishlist.

Under Armour Women’s Finisher Molded Lacrosse Cleats

Under Armour Women’s Finisher Molded Lacrosse Cleats

The last product on the list is probably the most versatile cleat as well. Unlike the previous lacrosse cleats in the list, the Under Armour Molded lacrosse cleat is ideal for women’s usage as well. However, that does not necessarily limit its application for feminine wear only. With the right size, it is a practical cleat for men as well. Also, its price tag is more on the affordable side as compared to other cleats in the list, so it offers a better and practical solution for people with a low budget as well.
The UA’s finisher cleat has an excellent design to enhance the comfort experience of the wearer. Also, since the cleat is manufactured specifically for women’s usage, it is extra tender (if you will). The cushioning on the cleat is convincing of superior quality and promotes excellent support and comfort even for those long duration games. The clutch-fit upper design helps in wrapping your feet comfortably within the cleat to support the feet ideally with exceptional lockdown capability to promote optimum stability as well.

The upper shoe has a mesh finish to provide maximum air circulation within the cleat, and the synthetic finish on the sole makes it extremely lightweight footwear. This lightweight characteristic of the shoe makes it a valid option for women’s usage. In fact, it may even be one of the best Women’s lacrosse cleats available for purchase at present. The die-cut EVA footbed ensures the highest level of comfort and also filters out the maximum of the heel impact that you sustain while running.

The tongue and the collar have exceptional padding to ensure good ankle support and maximum comfort, and of course, to avoid bad rashes or ankle blisters while running around the field. The rubber molded TPU cleat plate makes the Finisher an excellent cleat for executing those quick turns and also for promoting good grass grip while running as well. In short, you won’t have any problems making those quick cuts and push-offs during the entire stretch of the game.

Good value for money
Excellent traction
Comfortable and breathable
Ideal for women
Not the most durable


The Under Armour Finisher Lacrosse cleat is by far one of the best Women’s Lacrosse cleat in the market at present. It is extremely lightweight and also provides one of the best traction controls in the field as well. The upper part offers a good wrapping mechanism around the feet and ensures a good fit to harness your maximum performance. The padding and the cushioning are also of exceptional quality to promote a good level of comfort. Overall, the best lacrosse cleat for women at a good price point.

Buyers Guide: How to Buy The Best Lacrosse Cleat

Like any other types of shopping procedure, buying a Lacrosse Cleat also requires a good amount of research and some basic features that you should look out for in order to make a smart purchase. So, here are some of the primary aspects of the cleat that you should consider.


90% of the complaints from the people purchasing Lacrosse cleat are related to cleat size. That, of course, is a valid aspect. After all, every minute aspect of the cleat goes down the drain if you cannot wear them in the first place. So, it is crucial that you check the cleat size and also keep a close eye on the “Fit: as expected” section (if you buy on Amazon). Also, there are many types of cleats, depending on which the size differs as well, so the best option is to always know your feet size and double check on the cleats feet size chart before making any purchase.

Type of lacrosse cleat

There are three primary types of lacrosse cleats available in the market viz: low, mid, and high top cleats. The low top has the advantage of being lightweight, but its compromise factor arise in the form of inferior ankle support. The mid-top cleats, on the other hand, provide good ankle support, excellent comfort, and fairly lightweight as well. It is also the most popular and accepted type of cleat. High-top, as the name suggests, provides the best ankle support and comfort as well. However, they are often bulky and gets in the way of executing those quick turns and push-offs as well.

Upper cleat material

In terms of the build material of the upper cleat, almost 98% of all the available shoes are made from synthetic, so there are really no alternative options to look for. However, in addition to the build material, there are some additional aspects such as mesh tongue design to ensure good air circulation inside the cleat for enhancing the breathability aspect. You may also want to look out for extra toe box protection which some cleats offer to ensure good durability.


Both the insole and the outsole play a relevant role in enhancing the comfort factor as well as ensuring maximum agility and traction while running. It is, therefore, of utmost importance to check the quality of insole cushioning material if you want to experience the ultimate comfort, and also to avoid the major proportion of the heel impact.
The outsole, on the other hand, plays the most vital role in ensuring maximum traction and flexibility on the field. Since the majority of Lacrosse games are played on the grass turf, a good outsole design helps in ensuring maximum grip and stability while running and changing quick directions as well.


You cannot shop without setting a particular pocket limit, and that applies to every aspect of shopping. There is a multitude of options when it comes to Lacrosse cleats, so make sure you look for the right cleat for the right price tag. It may be the best option to go cheap and give up on a lot of vital features, but that does not necessarily mean spending a fortune to get one decent pair of cleats as well. A good price to quality ratio is an ideal product.


There are literally uncountable numbers of Lacrosse cleats in the market with varying prices, build material, size and for a different audience of the players as well. Hence, choosing your ideal pair of cleats can become a chaotic mess if you don’t know how or where to look for. The buying guide provided above covers up basically all the vital aspects of the cleat that you should pay attention to while going to the market for picking up a new pair of cleats. The list also covers some of the most popular and, of course, the best Lacrosse cleats in the market at present. Depending on your budget and your preference, any of the above listed Lacrosse cleats will make an excellent purchase option.

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