Best Lacrosse Gloves- Complete Buyers Guide and Reviews

History says Lacrosse game was first played by the Native North Americans. And presently, Lacrosse has gained immense popularity around the globe ever since its first origination as early as the in the 17th century. The game has been viewed with different names and gameplay viz, Field Lacrosse, Box Lacrosse, and Women’s Lacrosse or sometimes even called Lax.

Typically, Lacrosse is an aggressive and fast-paced game that involves quite a lot of physical display. On-field battles and defensive attacks are one way to triumphantly emerge on the winning team. With all such game command and stunt, a player must obtain the right sport armor for safe and seamless gameplay. Along with other game equipment like crosse or stick, cleats, face guards, light chest pads, the players are required to wear the right kind of gloves for protection of the hand and wrist.

With the rise of the game fondness around the world, the availability of sports equipment is easier than ever. Thousands of sports equipment brands are in constant competition in their featured advanced technology, styles and fit that would best suit the players’ needs. Remember that gloves are used for protection and this should come handy in choosing your perfect lacrosse gloves for your ultimate game day or even during your practice session. Gloves come in different types of material, sizes, and regular or even goaltenders gloves. The material of the glove, grip functionality, flexibility, ventilation, thumb protection, and rotation are some features to include in your checklist while buying a lacrosse glove.

Landing on the perfect lacrosse gloves can sometimes lead you to a tough decision. Especially in cases of an amateur player’s parent or beginners in search of lacrosse gloves that would help you meet all your requirements, here is a buying guide on the top 5 lacrosse gloves in the market –

Brine King Superlight 2 Lacrosse Glove

Brine King Superlight 2 Lacrosse Glove

This superlight lacrosse glove will give you the most comfortable wearing experience. It also gives you the right kind of protection while in the game and intends to do its job perfectly. Its highly advanced technological feature has made its way in one of the best five lacrosse gloves in the market. It is designed with highly advanced TruVent technology to give the maximum usage for a professional gameplay execution. The TruVent enables increased ventilation to the backhand that keeps the palm of your hands sweat-free and dry. It also comes with nash texture on the palm that helps you with improved abilities of the stick tricks that can give you a score. The glove also comes with a floating padded cuff fixture on the wrist giving you additional protection during face-offs and other game encounters.

As the product name says it all, Brine King Superlight 2 Lacrosse Glove, it is made remarkably lightweight to ease the players’ gameplay. It provides the players to achieve their distinct feature of keeping their hands flexible and perform their tasks skillfully. It can, in turn, boost the confidence level without having to worry about anything about with their safety during the game.

The special features of the superlight glove have gained its audience for advancing youth players that are increasingly seen in and around everywhere today. It comes in four vibrant colors – Red, Maroon, Royal and Orange for you to choose from. It also comes in sizes of twelve inch and thirteen inches. This glove is most popular with bigger high school and collegiate level players.
The Brine brand lacrosse gloves give a loose-type fitting experience for the players.

Extremely lightweight
Advanced ventilation
Highly padded
Nash texture palm
Limited size options


The Brine King Superlight 2 Lacrosse Glove joins the league of providing top game safety protection of the players. It is highly suggested for pro players who hustle their might out to meet their dire victory in the game. Its super lightweight feature adds to the benefit of this particular product that has gained a lot of customers overall.

This would make a great choice for consumers in the market who are in the lookout for a comfortable glove yet which performs its functions to the core ability.

STX Stallion 50 Lacrosse Gloves

STX Stallion 50 Lacrosse Gloves

This glove made with precision is branded by the USA sporting brand, Stallion which aims to bring desirable products of sports-related clothing line and equipment for all the sports enthusiasts.

The STX Stallion glove is made especially for those looking for the perfect fit. This glove offers as one of the best options to buy for kids or beginning youth player who is training/ playing relentlessly to become a successful lacrosse player. It comes with a strong polyester lining material that gives better grip and comfort for beginners who have just started to learn on playing the game. It also provides a ventilated palm for an airy and cooling advantage to its best. The glove is distinctly lightweight, yet designed to give an attractive trendy look.

The STX Stallion glove comes in all sizes ranging from extra small – large size. All players from the defense, midfielder, and even beginners, irrespective of their playing positions can get hold of this glove and be completely satisfied with its fit, style, material, and durability. The glove’s ventilation feature also makes it convenient to wear for all seasons of the year, especially during the summer season. It has an adjustable drawstring attached on the wrist that makes all the more easier for kids to wear it without complications.
The size fit for this STX glove model is fairly snug and favored by advanced players.

Ventilated palm
Attractive design
Suitable for all ages
Lacks high-end flexibility.


This glove’s features complete all the requirements of essential equipment needed to play the game with ease and confidence. From its good fit to size availability and material composition, it checks on all the pointers in your checklist. So, there is not a reason why you should not go for this Stallion glove. It will serve all the lacrosse players’ needs and in keeping up with expert gameplay be it midfield, defending, or attacking your opponent’s team. Its lightweight feature and attractive design of the glove will all the more help to complete your entire athlete look.

Maverick Lacrosse Charger Glove

Maverick Lacrosse Charger Glove

Maverick Lacrosse Charger Glove created by the famously known sports branding company ‘Maverick Sports’ brings one of the most preferred lacrosse game glove of the highest quality. The Charger glove comes with improved DILLOWFLEX technology to provide full protection and advantage to rising young players. It is said to have manufactured in a similar anatomical structure as that of the Rome line of gloves.

Featured with a dual density foam at the back of the hand gives good protection layers for the players. Its full nash palms in AX Suede material gives a better grip and edge. The charger glove also comes with backhand ventilation which allows the heat to cool off itself. The wrist of the glove has a cuff to serve for enhanced protection of the players keeping wrists mobile and unrestricted.

Priced only at $ 29.99, this charger glove makes it into the top five lacrosse gloves. It comes with a value worth for the price. Also available in sizes- extra small to large, it can be purchased by all players according to their age and right measurements. This glove is specially made for beginner players and it comes with full protection of the backhands and fingers.
Size fit for the Maverik gloves will feel more like a fitted or Isotoner glove. The idea is to give the players the, maximum snugness for feel on the shaft.

Dillowflex technology
Full nash palms
Backhand ventilation
Ax suede material enables a good grip
Limited color availability.


Matched perfectly for beginner level lacrosse team players, this charger glove has a good catch on its price and overall product performance. Its branding name grabs the attention of the buyers while searching to purchase the right kind of gloves for a lacrosse team either you might just have joined or you can be a Pro player. The grip quality also increases the production efficiency for the best buy in the market.

Equipped with the latest technology, the charger glove gives you the kind of smoothness in the gameplay that is necessary for the intense physical output that players have to perform.
Hence, all in all, one can never go wrong with your purchase of this maverick charger glove.

Easton Stealth Core 13-Inch Lacrosse Gloves

Easton Stealth Core 13-Inch Lacrosse Gloves

The Easton Stealth Core 13-inch glove offers excellent comfort level with its snug fit feature not found in most gloves. It also comes with an EVA foam that absorbs and protects all critical places of the glove. Along with such features, it is created to give overall protection at the same time allows the players to swing back and forth their stick with a good range of motion.
Built using the micro-fiber material for its palm also races back to give the players a comfortable experience. This material is intended to absorb moisture in the air so that your hands stay dry and smooth. The Easton Stealth Core also comes with a Core Triple Protection pad for safety measures of the players. The Tri-core System in the palm wins to give a seamless Palm that feels soft and gripping also comes easy to the players in the field.

This glove aims to give the utmost flexibility and mobility which also is the desired potential of every good qualifying glove.

It comes in a 13- inch size which can fit into a standard L-size hand. This 13-inch size Easton Stealth core glove comes with a grand looking black and white block colors.

Fast absorbing EVA foam
Micro-fibre palm material
Tri core protection
Flexibility assured
Excellent fitting
Unavailability of color options
No wrist collar


Nothing beats a piece of equipment that offers a great fit and style. And for a lot of reasons, the Easton Stealth Core that comes in a 13- inch size suits all the needs that a player is looking for. And that being said is a great fit. This glove, unlike other gloves, readily excels in this department of a snug fit. For players whose priority is the ‘fit’ is highly advised to go for this product of lacrosse glove. The color combination also blends well with the current fashion designs.

This glove also assures flexibility in the part of the hands of the players who are employed tirelessly in the field of the game. Increased protection and grip movement of the players featured in this glove is what makes this product stand out from the rest. This Easton glove is demanded by a lot of professionals for its snug fitting design. So it is advisable to trust, purchase and attack your opponents as you resume your battles with these gloves on.

Epoch Lacrosse iD High Performance, Lightweight, Flexible, Lacrosse Gloves for Attack, Middie, and Defensemen

Epoch Lacrosse iD High Performance, Lightweight, Flexible, Lacrosse Gloves for Attack, Middie, and Defensemen

After the STX Stallion glove, Epoch iD High-performance glove qualifies for the different positioned players in the game – Attack, Middie, and defensemen. These players form an important part of the game aesthetics and the final result of the game depends a lot on these players performance. This advanced iD glove is created with high precision and detailing to meet the requirement of each and every emerging players’ needs.

It features a Triple Layer and dual density foam mound that is layered with two different layers from the top to bottom.It comes with a softer foam at the bottom, and a denser polyethylene layered on the top. This helps to give a good impact on the protection level of the players. Gloves’ purpose in the lacrosse game is all about safety. And thankfully, the Epoch iD’s priority rests on the same concern.

The Epoch iD has been made substantially stylish as well as covering the protection needs of the players. It removes the traditional style of big and bulky cuffs which did not meet the satisfaction of the players. Now, it has come with a fresh and newly designed extended cuff that moves along with the gameplay and at the same time giving a protective shield to the hands and wrists. It allows maximum usage of the wrist in flexing during incidents like face-off also keeping in mind the desire for comfort and protection.

The Epoch iD also features a vented, nash, reinforced palm to avoid wet and sticky palms. The material used to manufacture this glove was also timely and wisely considered for long lasting and efficiency of the product. In addition, it has a high-performance feature fully suitable for today’s demands and trend. Its lightweight feature also makes the Epoch iD glove count in the favorable sports gear area.

The glove is priced at $99 to $100. The Epoch iD comes in sizes – small 10-inch, medium 12-inch, large 13-inch, extra large 14-inch. The color option available is only white in color.

Tri layer dual density foam stack
High performance feature
Ventilated nash palm
Color options are limited only to white.


Epoch iD lacrosse glove truly meets up to the demands in its quality, precision, material, design, and most importantly protection. Its precise engineering leads to added protection and breathable material for increased ventilation. This glove’s advanced design makes way for a remarkable position for customers searching to buy a perfect pair of lacrosse glove.

Its lightweight feature offers great comfort to the players. These gloves with its sleek profile emerge to give a high-performance quality and protection to all different position players in the game. So, if you are playing defense, midfield or face-offs, these gloves are a perfect match for one and all.


Be it for leisure or battle, human safety comes first in everything. The gloves listed above sets a benchmark in providing the best protection and comfort at its best level. Sports gear companies like Maverick, STX Stallion, Brine King, Epoch and so on, implement advanced technologies into their merchandise in order to achieve its best abilities and features for the athletes and emerging sports players around the world.

It becomes a mandate for Lacrosse game players to wear and armor themselves with protective gears for smooth and safe gameplay. And gloves come among the top list of protective equipment required for a Lacrosse player. Different companies manufacture these lacrosse gloves keeping in mind the utilities every player demands. Lacrosse is a game played by all types of men, women, youth, and children too. And not to forget the surrounding positions included in the game- defense, midfielder, and so on. These gloves come in different sizes from small to large giving a snug fit style. Though, it should be noted that different brands’ fit and size guidelines may vary. Hence, it makes up for a point to check carefully on or before your purchases.

Every glove that has been listed above is made to provide each players’ needs in all levels.

Be it in comfort level, sleekness, smoothness, lightweight, high padding, ventilation – all these are necessary features to remember when choosing the perfect pair of gloves.

Gearing up for a game comes with great effort and sometimes even shelling out that extra cash to invest in some good sports equipment. And this should not come without any worry of wastage to such investment as long as you go for quality checked and safety concerned products. As nothing is easily achievable around us now, the top five gloves listed above make up for all costs concern and helps you to be ready for your game any day and anywhere.

These listed above gloves deliver top technology experience for every player. However, some things to note in order to achieve lasting usage and high performance :

  • Leave the gloves for air drying after every game.
  • Follow strict instructions on how to wash and care for your gloves.
  • Use only mild detergent to clean your padded gloves from bad odors.

Lacrosse gloves each have been made with special features, for kids, women, men, and youth. These gloves mentioned above does not particularly specify on women’s gloves, which their features and guide list might fall on a different category. These listed gloves have been structured and created generally for men and kids lacrosse players. But above all, the perfect buying guide to lacrosse gloves should have at least one or even all of these features in your glove buying checklists :

  • Protection
  • Flexibility
  • Grip
  • Ventilation
  • Sizing

Protection comes in just about every model listed above. Thick padding along with the finger areas and not on the palms will give you a better grip and control. And most of all, thick padding assures better protection.

Flexibility and protection sometimes stand opposed to their features while buying a glove. While looking for protection, you might miss out on the flexibility option. So, one should try on the gloves and check for the movability of your hands with segmented padding provided in the lacrosse gloves.

Gripping should come handy with the glove that you are going for. Gloves with suede palm provide a more solid grip. Do check on this option while choosing your perfect pair of gloves.

Ventilation provides the proper accessibility for the sweat to dry out faster and better. Good ventilation can also help your gloves last longer and avoid bad odor. Mesh palm is another option to look for while going for a ventilated glove in particular.

Almost all the models come in size classification from small to large. Make sure the fingers of your glove should have a snug fit.

Considering these features will prove beneficial in choosing the perfect gloves as you get ready to play your favorite Lacrosse game.
Some models and brands also offer a customizing option for their customers. There are options available to order your personalized choice of colors and size fit that would be perfectly suited for you.

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