Best Lacrosse Sticks – A Complete Buying Guide and Reviews

In order to excel in any game, a good amount of practice is required. However, all those hours of practice may not always bring positive results if the equipment does not meet the required standards. You need the best lacrosse sticks available to you.

This is not an exception when it comes to playing lacrosse. Whether you are an aged player or a beginner, you cannot expect to enjoy the awesome experience that this exciting game offers without the right equipment in your hands. A faulty tool or equipment can cause you to miss a game-winning shot. But with the best lacrosse sticks by your side, you can expect a totally different story.

Best Lacrosse Sticks - Find the best lacrosse stick for you

Why is Picking the Best Lacrosse Stick Important?

Lacrosse is considered as one of the fastest games played on your own two feet. It requires agility, strength, speed, and flexibility. To explain it in simple terms, lacrosse is a sport that has very different requirements from other sports. Choosing the right equipment can help you enhance your speed, flexibility, and power. You can also get a better feel of the game and immerse yourself deeper into it and hopefully enjoy it even more than you already do.

One of the main considerations when choosing the best lacrosse sticks for you should be that it’s light enough so that the player has effortless manoeuvrability, is comfortable to use, provide excellent stability, and is rattle free. Yet, it also needs to have the weight required to give the ball quick acceleration for fast passes or goal attempts.

Like any other sports equipment, there are lots of options when it comes to choosing lacrosse sticks. And with the availability of options, some lacrosse sticks are ready-made while the rest are often bought head and stick separately. This makes the task even more complicated, especially for beginners. To help facilitate this task of yours, here is a review of five of the best Lacrosse sticks.

Warrior Regulator Max unstrung Lacrosse stick.

warrior regulator max unstrung

This lacrosse stick is manufactured by Brine -Warrior Lacrosse. The Warrior Regulator Max is a heavy duty head designed for aggressive and harsh games. It offers strength and durability, which is what you would want to look for when choosing a lacrosse stick. You can confidently throw hard checks, or run for ground balls through scraps. It can withstand substantial abuse for many games without compromising on the performance.

Undoubtedly one of the toughest and the best defensive head, the Regulator Max is perfect for playing against offensive players. It has bottom rail which is specially designed for mid to high pocket making it ideal for power shots.

This stick is built with innovative technologies, which include:

Max Design: The Regulator Max is engineered for physical abuse. With the Max design, it has several key areas reinforced to maximize durability and stiffness. It is easily one of the strongest and the most durable lacrosse sticks on the market presently.

Tilt- tech: String holes are angled to allow the stringers to string the sidewalls with ease, and allow better ball release with consistency. This also provides the stringers to have a lot of options to get the right tension on the net.

Loc-Throat: This technology allows for a secure fit by providing internal and external pressure as the head and shaft are screwed together. It also adds stability and removes head rattle. Loc-throat technology provides tight-stick connection, which prevents the stick from wobbling. This enhances the performance of the player.

Packed with all the qualities or requirement of a defensive lacrosse head, the Regulator Max is one of the best lacrosse shafts to play with.

Packed with features for optimum performance
Perfect for heavy or poke checks
Well designed and built to be durable and last a long time.
Titl-tech is not so functional.
Pretty hard to string.
It has quite a stiff head.

Final thoughts.

The Warrior Regulator Max is designed for the active defensemen. A lot of players consider this head a ‘defensemen’s dream.’ If you are that type of player who is very defensive and likes to throw heavy checks, this lacrosse stick is the right one for you. Considering it impressive quality, it is no wonder that it made its way into the list of best defensive lacrosse heads 2019.

In the end, selecting or choosing the best lacrosse sticks are given preference according to the taste and skill of the player. However, regardless of that fact, the Regulator Max is worth considering. Designed and manufactured by a reputed company, the Regulator Max is definitely a must have for everyone who plays defence.

STX Stallion 200 A/M Complete sticks.

The Stx lacrosse is where you would want to stop by if you are specifically into a reputed brand. With over 50 years of experience, the company has come up with a reliable, complete lacrosse stick, keeping in mind what works and what doesn’t work. The Stallion 200 A/M is genuinely one of a kind.

The features offered in this stick are on par with some of the most expensive lacrosse stick the professionals use. Designed and built for both attackers and midfield players, this stick is a game changer. It is an excellent choice for a beginner who wants to get the feel of the game. The equipment is designed to help the starters or beginners to learn basic skills such as throwing and catching the ball. It is also a weapon of choice even for the more advanced players.

Built to serve the attackers and midfielders, the Stx Stallion 200 A/M has head and shaft designed and crafted with a purpose to aid the players to have excellent ball control. The attackers can move the ball with very less effort and take shots comfortably.

This lacrosse stick is also great in the battlefield, i.e., the midfield. Midfielders cover most of the field area, and this stick can effectively assist the mid men in dodging the opponents, passing the ball, or take the ball to attack zone with confidence.

The Stallion 200 A/M head was built by the developers who were inspired by the Elite Stallion U 500 head, which is considered as one of the most successful midfield lacrosse heads. It is built with soft mesh stringing material to facilitate throwing and passing. The complete stick comes with a lightweight stallion 6000 alloy handle which features “memory marker” graphics.

The lightweight alloy handle that comes with this stick is another added bonus. This feature makes it easier and convenient for midfielders and attackers to play with. However, it makes it susceptible to sustaining dents and crack as well. Its soft stringing material makes it much convenient for entry-level players or beginners. It helps the beginners to develop the required basic skills with ease.

This stick is in compliance with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and National Federation of State High school Association or NFHS.

An excellent starter to intermediate level stick.
Excellent value for money.
Different variety of colors.
Vulnerable to dents and bending.
Adjustments are required.
Soft stringing material.

Final thoughts.

Overall, the product is great. The price is unbelievably low, but the quality of the stick is not compromised. There is a reason why even the professionals find this stick useful. The Stx lacrosse Stallion 200 A/M is a great choice for starters who are determined to become a professional player.

It is also a good buy if you want to introduce the game to your teenage boy who has begun to show interest in the game. The product is made to last for quite a long time. Though it may suffer a few dents here and there, the Stallion 200 A/M will survive for a couple of lacrosse seasons.

So, this is obviously a product which deserves to be recommended. It is also worth mentioning that this particular product earned the top bestseller achievement on Amazon.

Crux 400 Women’s Lacrosse Stick.

This lacrosse stick from Stx is built after the Crux 600 which was a best seller. It is built to suit beginners to the game. But advanced players can also make the best of it. It is most ideal for midfield players as well for attack by the most advanced players.

The head of the stick features a trademark runway pocket. It is the brand’s distinctive overlapping string network. The center is strung in a way that it flexes out and holds the ball snugly. This increases the contact time with the ball giving it more power and velocity. The material used in its construction is of high quality, which extends its durability.

The face of the Crux 400 embodies the brands signature looks. It starts with a tight pinch that gradually widens to form the catching area. The scoop has a pointed shape, which makes the shots more precise. Making a pass is also more comfortable with this feature.

This lacrosse stick has a side wall with a minimum height, which increases ball retention. The depth is also among the deepest that is legally possible.

The shaft is made of composite materials which maintain its stability under all weather conditions. It has a one-inch flare at the top, which makes the head to handle connection seamless. The diameter of the Crux 400 is much thinner, which makes handling and manipulation easy and effortless. The profile features a tear-drop shape which makes the grip very ergonomic. It is finished off with a smooth rubber feel and aesthetic. It allows a more comfortable grip even for extended periods.

The Crux 400 weighs a total of 5 lbs. It comes in eight different colors ranging from white, and black to blue and green. It is a top rated product on Amazon and is a favored stick by a lot of players. This lacrosse stick meets all the specification of the United Soccer League or USL.

Unique and high-performance stringing.
Precision shots and passes.
Ergonomic design.
Excellent construction on the shaft
Lightweight and durable
Price is on the higher side.

Final thoughts.

The Crux 400 is an excellent lacrosse stick. Whether it is in terms of design, craftsmanship, or performance, it does not compromise. The brand has been consistent with delivering quality sticks over the years, and Crux 400 does not disappoint.

The only issue is that the price is not the most affordable. But the result more than makes up for it. It is easy to see why it is one of the best girls lacrosse stick on the market.

Warrior Revo X-Attacker.

At first glance, this lacrosse stick looks a bit battered. But there is nothing battered about its performance. It comes packed with a host of features.

The face of the Revo X-Attacker is large and wide, which makes it ideal for defensive players. Making and gripping balls during the passes has never been easier. But it also suits offensive players as well. It comes pre-strung with synthetic materials. It is also available in the unstrung version, which is a lot cheaper.

The double screw holes on the head make it anchor to the head very securely. The lockdown on the entire stick is among the best in the industry. There is no chance of the stick suffering loses parts even with most aggressive play. The defense player can dictate the game with the Revo X-attacker.

The sidewall is reinforced along the entire length, which makes it a powerful stick. The raised grip zones on the sidewalls also make it effortless to grip the ball and execute the attack on the run. It is constructed using a triple beam sidewall which makes this stick among the stiffest head from the company.

The head is angled ever so slightly that makes scooping up the ball very effortless, even while on the run. This makes the head lower than the shafts’ center plane. It has one of the stiffest head on a lacrosse stick which makes it excellent for defense.

The Revo X-attacker is 30 inches in length. It is also very lightweight without compromising on stability and strength. Although it is quite impressive in size, it comes within the regulated standard size.

A very stiff head.
Excellent quality
Wide face for making passes with precision.
Scooping balls is very easy.
Can be used by both defenses as well as players on the offensive.
The wide size may be an issue for smaller players.
Carries a hefty price tag.

Final thoughts.

The Revo X-attacker is an excellent lacrosse stick from Warrior. It has one of the stiffest head for defensive playing. The wide surface, as well as the reinforced sidewall, makes a great feature for scooping, passing and gripping.

Although the large size may be a bit bulky for players with smaller frames, the performance is spectacular. It is available online at Amazon and other retailers among stellar reviews.

Complete Attack stick from StringKing.

This lacrosse stick comes ready to take on the game straight out of the box. It is unique in that it does not require the break-in time required by some sticks. It also does not need any replacements of parts.

It comes with a Mark-1 head which has simplistic designs, lightweight but very durable. The Mark-1 head is known for its ultra-stiff construction which delivers accuracy, speed, and consistency. The scoop on this head is also very strong, which makes passing and scooping the ball more efficient. The face and the side walls on this type of head particularly fit mid-high to mid-low pockets.

It comes with a Type 2S stringing. This stringing mechanism is exceptionally lightweight with a tight network. It can weigh as little as 30 gm. It provides accuracy as well as superior ball control. The Type 2 mesh is also known for its durability and strength. It can withstand the most aggressive play sessions without wear and tear for several seasons.

The net is perfectly strung at the factory, which eliminates the need for adjustments before play. It is ideal for play at college levels, youth as well as professional levels. It is really the Complete stick that suits players of all levels and ages. Matt Gibson has been known to use this stick many times.

The Complete lacrosse stick is made with premium components. It is engineered, designed, and manufactured for top-level performance. It is the perfect combination of performance, weight, and durability.

The shaft weighs around 140 gm and has a total length of 40 inches including the head. StringKing famously describes this stick as one with an elite head as well as pocket. The lightweight shaft is also very versatile.

This lacrosse stick comes in a package of the stick, pre-cut lacrosse tape, end cap, and a butt end. The warranty on the Complete stick is one of the best in the industry. It covers all major dents and cracks and bending of the shaft. It also covers any complaints that may interfere with the performance within three months of purchase.

High-performance stick
Great balance of weight and durability.
Very versatile head.
Good value for money.
Excellent warranty coverage.
Nothing that we could find.

Final thoughts.

This is really a Complete lacrosse stick from StrinKing, as its name suggests. It is one of the best lacrosse sticks from any company so far. It is an excellent combination of performance, design, and price.

Being a lacrosse stick with such high versatility and features, it is no wonder that it is loved by professionals as well as amateurs. There is no negative aspect we could find on this lacrosse stick, which is quite an impressive feat by any equipment.

How to Choose the Best Lacrosse Sticks

The level and the position you play will primarily decide your buying choice. However, the following tips will help you select the best lacrosse shafts and sticks.

  • Aluminium shafts are lightweight while titanium shafts are the most durable. On the other hand, composite materials do not fluctuate with the changing temperatures.
  • Lacrosse sticks with broad and wide faces are best for beginners as they make catching and ball handling easier. As you become more advanced, you’ll possibly want to reduce the size of the heads to allow you more agility.
  • Beginners should look for a lacrosse stick that comes pre-strung and is ready to use.
  • A nylon stringed mesh is among the best as they require the least maintenance.
  • A short stick is more comfortable to manipulate than a longer one, ideal for offense or midfield where you’ll do a lot of legwork.
  • Longer sticks are ideal for defence players who engage in a lot of poking and blocking.
  • A wide head lacrosse stick is also best for a goalie. It will assist him better in blocking.
  • Heads with deep pockets allow more control while using a shallow one will make releasing and passing the ball quicker.
  • Advanced players can comfortably use unstrung heads. They can comfortably manipulate and adjust the stringing as well to adjust the tension according to their preference.


The type of lacrosse stick you need will depend on the position you play, and also personal preference. There are many different types of lacrosse sticks and heads for a different purpose and figuring out which lacrosse stick is best for you may take some time.

For example, attackers and midfielders prefer equipment designed for quick movements, so the shafts are often lighter and shorter to allow a high pace and technicality in your game. As for the defence, the sticks are usually much longer and have durable shafts, designed for blocking and throwing hard checks. This is the main reason why many players own multiple heads and sometimes swap heads if they want to change their playing positions.

There is also a difference between mens lacrosse sticks and a women’s lacrosse stick. The length is slightly different and the diameter of the shafts must be considered too. Considering all these factors, such as hand size, experience, height, weight, and gender, it can be said that lacrosse sticks are very much a personal choice. Finding the best lacrosse stick for you depends on the position, the physique, skills, and the preference of the player.

The task of choosing a lacrosse stick is quite overwhelming, which is why this post was created in the first place. Even with our advice, it may still not be easy for you to pick one. However, bringing it down to five of the best lacrosse sticks should hopefully make your job of choosing a great quality lacrosse stick much more straightforward.

You cannot always blame the tools or equipment for performing badly, but having the right stick will surely help make a difference. Whatever or whichever you decide to choose, the above selection should help you get the best lacrosse sticks and prevent you from ending up disappointed with the product. Now get out there, practice and bring your a-game!

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